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Soft Drinks$2.50Coke, sprite, lemonade, ice tea etc.


Tempura and Chicken Teriyaki$16.00
Tempura and Beef Teriyaki$18.00
Tempura and Salmon Teriyaki$18.00
Sushi and Tempura$18.005 pcs nigiri
Sushi and Teriyaki$18.00Choice of chicken, beef or salmon teriyaki
Sashimi and Tempura$18.00
Sashimi and Teriyaki$18.00Choice of chicken, beef or salmon teriyaki


Chicken Teriyaki$13.00Finished with sweet teriyaki glaze
Beef Teriyaki$14.00Grilled ribeye steak cut with sweet teriyaki glaze
Vegetable Tempura$10.00Deep fried vegetables lightly coated in tempura batter
Tempura Deluxe$15.00Comes with 4 battered prawns and veggies
Tonkatsu$13.00Lightly breaded fried pork cutlet
Beef Short Ribs$16.00Seasoned and grilled
Molokai Ginger Beef$15.00Sliced beef sauteed in ginger sauce
Beef Tataki$16.00Rare, thinly sliced, seared fillet mignon, served with ponzu sauce
Trio Teriyaki$20.00Salmon, beef and chicken
Salmon Teriyaki$14.00Grilled fresh Atlantic salmon with teriyaki sauce
Saba Shioyaki$12.00Marinated grilled mackerel
Yellowtail Steak (Grilled)$14.00
Fish Wonder$14.00Lightly breaded fried red snapper
Unaju$15.00Grilled fresh water eel over rice
Seafood Tempura$16.00Seafood, and make tempura, fishes, prawns, oysters, scallops and crabsticks
Duo Teriyaki$20.00Shrimp and scallop
Hamachi Kama$16.00Lightly salted grilled yellow tail cheek
Salmon on the Roll$14.00Salmon with asparagus rolled, the one and only

Hand Roll

Unagi$4.00Fresh water eel
Salmon Skin (Baked)$4.00
Spicy Tuna$4.00Chopped pieces of spice tuna
Super$6.00Shrimp tempura, eel, crab and avocado
Toro$8.00Fatty tuna


Oshinko$3.00Pickled radish
Kappa (Cucumber)$3.00
Ume Shiso$3.00Plum paste and shiso leaves
Slim Up$6.00Pickles with vegetables
Tekka (Tuna)$4.00
Negihama$6.00Yellow tail with scallions
Alaska$6.00Salmon with avocado
Hawaiian$6.00Tuna with avocado
Happy Fish$11.00California roll wrapped in salmon with spicy sauce
Rainbow$11.00California roll wrapped in variety of fish
Philadelphia$6.00Salmon with cream cheese
Bayview$11.00Crab roll wrapped in yellow tail and salmon
In the Sea$11.00Spicy tuna roll wrapped in yellow tail and salmon
Bahama Sunrise$12.00Salmon and avocado with tuna on top
Tropical$12.00Crispy eel, crab with tuna, red snapper and salmon on top
Island Mist$8.00Tuna, pineapple, macadamia nuts and soypaper
Fisherman$8.00Crispy spicy tuna, with bunito flakes on top
California$4.00Crab with avocado
Futo$6.00Large roll with egg, crab stick and vegetables
Rock'n Roll$6.00Grilled eel and avocado topped with fish roe
Caterpillar$11.00Grilled eel and crabstick topped with avocado
Dragon$11.00Tempura topped with grilled eel, avocado and fish roe
Tempura Roll$8.00Deep fried shrimp, crab topped with fish roe
Spider$8.00Crispy soft shell crab and avocado topped with fish roe
Crunch Splash$9.00Shrimp, crab and avocado topped with fish roe and tempura crunch
DFO$8.00Deep fried oyster roll
Marina$8.00Deep fried calamari roll
Volcano$9.00Crispy tuna roll with hot sauce
Let's Roll$9.00Deep fried spicy tuna wrapped in basil with ponzu sauce
Golden Nuggets$8.00Deep fried california roll with spicy sauce
Crispy Wrap$9.00Lightly fried spicy tuna, salmon and yellow tail
Spicy Tuna$6.00Chopped tuna with red chili paste
Big Island$11.00Tuna, salmon and albacore. Hot
Phoenix$11.00Tempura, crab, topped with spicy tuna
Go Harbor$11.00Salmon, avocado topped with spicy tuna
Fanta Sea$10.00Baked tuna, salmon, albacore, crab, avocado with mozzarella cheese
Pearly Gate$10.00Baked scallop, crab, avocado, roe with creamy sauce
Lion King$12.00Baked spicy salmon with crab inside


Inari (Sweet Tofu Skin)$3.00
Tamago (Egg Omelette)$3.00
Kani (Crab Salad)$4.00
Ebi (Cooked Prawn)$3.00
Unagi (Grilled Fresh Water Eel)$4.00
Anago (Grilled Sea Eel)$5.00
Lobster Salad$5.00
Tako (Octopus)$4.00
Saba (Mackerel)$4.00
Tai (Red Snapper)$4.00
Maguro (Tuna)$5.00
Hamachi (Yellow Tail)$5.00
Sake (Fresh Salmon)$5.00
Smoked Salmon$5.00
Albacore (White Tuna Seared)$4.00
Hirame (Flounder)$5.00
Katsuo (Bonito)$5.00
Ika (Squid)$4.00
Tobiko (Flying Fish Roe)$5.00
Hotate (Spicy Scallop)$5.00
Ikura (Salmon Roe)$5.00
Amaebi (Raw Sweet Prawn) 
Uni (Sea Urchin) 
Toro (Fatty Tuna) 


Nabe Udon$10.00Thick noodle soup with seafood and vegetables
Yaki Udon$12.00Stir-fried thick noodles with seafood
Cha Soba$10.00Chilled noodle with dipping sauce, zaru soba also available
Yose Nabe$16.00Variety of seafood and vegetables cooked in soup

Perfect Ending

Ice Cream$2.00
Home Made Green Tea Cheese Cake$5.00
Fried Ice Cream$6.00

Pupus (Grill)

Shishito$4.00Japanese bell peppers
Corn with Butter$3.00
Potato with Butter$3.00
Shitake (Mushroom)$3.00
Grilled Tofu$3.00
Squid (Calamari)$3.00
Teba$4.00Chicken wings
Shrimp Wrapped with Bacon$3.00
Asparagus Wrapped with Bacon$4.00
Stuffed Mushroom$4.00
Neginiku$5.00Beef with scallions
Eggplant$5.00With sweet miso glaze
Lahaina$12.00Corn, mushroom, chicken wing, bacon shrimp


Yellow Tail$17.00
Tuna Tataki (Lightly Seared)$17.00
Albacore Tataki (Lightly Seared)$16.00
Ocean Fever (Assorted Sashimi)$23.00
Kona Breeze (Larger Sashimi)$40.00

Sushi Bar Signature

Hawaii Poki$12.00Tuna, albacore, salmon, pineapple and spicy sauce, made fresh right here
Tuna Poki$12.00Hawaiian style chopped tuna with onion and spicy sauce
Tuna Banquet$18.00Sliced raw tuna over sushi rice
Chirashi$18.00A bowl of sushi rice topped with raw fish and vegetables
Shoreline$19.00Chef’s choice of 7 pcs nigiri sushi and tuna roll
Seaside$21.00Chef’s choice of 9 pcs nigiri sushi and CA roll
Blue Coast$20.006 pcs nigiri sushi with 6 pcs sashimi
Harbor Tours$48.0012 pcs nigiri sushi with 12 pcs sashimi and two rolls
La Luna$10.00Fresh shitake with spicy tuna, lightly fried
Oyster Shooter$8.00Sushi bar without having a hit drink with cold sake, oyster, roe, quail egg, green onion

Tasting Plates

Fresh Oyster on Half Shell (4 Pieces)$8.00
Potato Croquette$4.00The perfect snack
Edamame$4.00Boiled soybeans
Agedashi Tofu$4.00Deep fried beancurd with grated daikon dipped in tempura sauce
Seaweed Salad$5.00A smaller portion of marinated green seaweed
Horenso$4.00Fresh steamed spinach with sesame seeds
Grilled Mussel$6.00New zealand mussel with scallions and spicy creamy sauce
Yakitori$5.00Grilled skewered chicken cubes with scallions
Sunomono$5.00Sliced cucumbers with seafood in sweet vinegar
Harbor Salad$5.00Spring mixed, avocado and fruits
Gyoza (Ravioli)$4.00
Kaki Fry$6.00Breaded fried oysters
Tempura$8.002 pcs prawns with vegetables
Soft Sell Crab$8.00Lightly fried
Fried Calamari$8.00
Sashimi (5 Pieces)$10.00

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