Bakery47 Restaurant Menu Sushi Harbor Japanese Cuisine Menu and Prices


Edamame$5.00Authentic Asian soybeans.
6 Chicken Gyoza$5.00Steamed or pan fried.
6 Veggie Gyoza$5.00Steamed or pan fried.
6 Shumai$4.00Open faced dumplings filled with shrimp.
House Salad$3.00
Seaweed Salad$5.00Mixed greens, cucumbers and tomatoes and tasty assorted seaweed in sesame dressing.
Avocado and Crab Salad$6.00Crab meat with sliced avocado top on mixed greens, cucumbers and tomatoes in mayonnaise sauce.
Spicy Crab Salad$6.00
Avocado Salad$5.00
Vegetable Tempura$6.00
Shrimp Tempura$6.00


Ice Cream$4.95
2 Piece Mochi$4.50
Triple Cake$5.95
Strawberry Cheese Cake$6.95
Chocolate Cheese Cake$6.95


Hot Green Tea$1.50
Soft Drink$1.50
Thai Ice Tea$2.95
Japanese Soda$2.95

Low Carb Sushi Rolls

5 Piece Sushi Harbor Naruto Roll$13.50Tuna, salmon, white tuna, avocado and masago, wrapped with cucumber.
5 Piece Spicy Tuna Naruto Roll$12.95Spicy tuna crunch and avocado, wrapped with cucumber.
5 Piece Jacky Naruto Roll$11.95Jacky roll, crunch and avocado, wrapped with cucumber.
5 Piece Rainbow Naruto Roll$13.50Tuna, salmon, white tuna and chopped kani and avocado wrapped with cucumber.

Regular Rolls and Hand Rolls

5 Piece Fried Sweet Potato Roll$4.50
8 Piece Cucumber Roll$4.50
5 Piece Tofu Skin Roll$4.50
Tempura Asparagus Roll$4.50
8 Piece California Roll$4.50
8 Piece Avocado Roll$4.50
6 Piece Tuna Roll$5.00
6 Piece Salmon Roll$5.00
6 Piece Negihamachi Roll$5.00Yellowtail with scallion.
5 Piece Boston Roll$5.00Shrimp, lettuce, cucumber and mayo.
Unagi Cucumber Roll$5.00
Spicy Octopus Roll$6.50
Salmon Mango Roll$6.50
Spicy Shrimp Roll$6.50
8 Piece Avocado and Cucumber Roll$6.50
8 Piece A.A.C. Roll$6.50Avocado, asparagus and cucumber.
8 Piece Crunch Spicy Tuna Roll$6.50
8 Piece Crunch Spicy Yellowtail Roll$6.50
8 Piece Crunchy Spicy Salmon Roll$6.50
8 Piece Alaska Roll$6.50Salmon, avocado and masago.
8 Piece Philadelphia Roll$6.50Salmon, cream cheese and scallion.
8 Piece Unagi Maki$6.50Eel with cucumber.
Salmon Avocado Roll$6.50
Salmon Cucumber Roll$6.50
Tuna Avocado Roll$6.50
8 Piece Crunch Spicy Scallop Roll$7.00Fresh scallop, masago, spicy mayo and crunch.
8 Piece Jacky Roll$7.00Chopped kani, spicy mayo, masago and cucumber.
Yellowtail Jalapeno Roll$7.00
Shrimp Asparagus Roll$7.00
8 Piece Shrimp Tempura Roll$8.50Shrimp tempura, cucumber, avocado and masago.
8 Piece Chicken Tempura Roll$8.50Chicken tempura, cucumber, avocado and masago.
8 Piece Spider Roll$9.00Soft shell crab, cucumber, avocado and masago.
8 Piece Lobster Tempura Roll$9.00Lobster tempura, cucumber, avocado and masago.
5 Piece Dynamite Roll$9.00Fried yellowtail, eel, kani, avocado and masago with spicy tuna on top.
8 Piece New York Roll$6.50Smoked salmon, cucumber and cream cheese.


Miso Soup$2.00Seaweed, tofu and scallion.

Special Rolls

8 Piece Volcano Roll$12.95Spicy tuna, crunch, mango, topped with avocado.
8 Piece Angel Roll$12.95Shrimp tempura, cucumber topped with avocado with spicy salmon on top.
8 Piece Mango Roll$12.95Cucumber and shrimp tempura, topped with mango and avocado.
8 Piece Fancy Roll$12.95Spicy salmon, eel and cream cheese inside and deep fried the whole roll.
8 Piece Rainbow Roll$13.25Chopped kani and cucumber inside and topped with assorted fish.
8 Piece Dragon Roll$13.25Eel and cucumber topped with avocado and masago.
8 Piece Black Dragon Roll$13.25Chopped kani and cucumber inside, topped with eel and avocado.
8 Piece Dinosaur Roll$13.25Shrimp tempura and cucumber topped with eel and avocado.
Fire Cracker Roll$13.25Stuffed jalapeno with cream cheese, shrimp, spicy tuna, deep fried whole roll and chef special ponzu sauce on top.
Hot River Roll$12.95Crab meat, avocado inside. On the top with grilled salmon, eel sauce and spread mayo.
Fantasy Roll$13.50Shrimp tempura, eel, avocado, tobiko, cream cheese inside, wrapped with sesame soy paper with eel sauce.
Salmon Family Roll$13.50Spicy salmon, crunchy inside, topped with smoke salmon, avocado and salmon roe.
8 Piece Spiderman Roll$13.50Soft shell crab tempura, spicy tuna, crunch, masago mango avocado, cucumber, wrapped with soy bean pepper.
8 Piece Rock and Roll$13.50Shrimp tempura, spicy tuna, crunch, mango, avocado, cucumber, wrapped with soy bean paper.
8 Piece Snow Mountain Roll$13.50Shrimp tempura, cucumber, lobster salad on top.
8 Piece Broadway Roll$13.50Shrimp tempura and cream cheese inside, spicy tuna on top.
8 Piece Chili Roll$13.50Salmon, spicy tuna and cucumber and jalapeno inside, kani on top with siracha and spicy mayo.
8 Piece Lucky Roll$13.50Shrimp tempura and cucumber inside, tuna and avocado on top.
8 Piece Hawaiian Roll$13.50Shrimp tempura, papaya, spicy tuna and avocado inside, topped with spicy kani and house special sauce.
8 Piece Osaka Roll$13.50Spicy yellowtail, cucumber and jalapeno topped with super white tuna and cilantro and siracha sauce.
8 Piece Las Vegas Roll$13.50Avocado, kani, cream cheese inside, wrapped with soy paper, deep fried whole roll with spicy tuna on top.
8 Piece Pink Lady Roll$13.50Spicy tuna, avocado inside, topped with salmon and spicy kani. Baked the whole roll.
8 Piece Sweetheart Roll$13.50Spicy scallop and mango inside, topped with salmon and lemon wrapped with soy paper.
8 Piece Tiger Roll$13.50Spicy white tuna, jalapeno inside, ebi and black tobiko on top and wasabi mayo sauce.
8 Piece Kobe Beef Roll$13.50Kobe beef, green onion, asparagus with Kobe beef sauce.

Sushi Bar Appetizers

Beef Tataki$9.00
Crispy Spicy Tuna$10.00
Tuna Tartar Ring$10.00
Salmon Tartar Ring$10.00
Seafood Sunomono$10.00
Yellowtail Kama$10.00
Salmon Shio$11.00Lemon juice and fleur de sel.
Jalapeno Yellowtail$12.00
Jalapeno Tuna$12.00
Seared Tuna Tataki$12.00
New Style Sashimi$13.00
Tuna Poke$13.00
Salmon Poke$13.00

Sushi Entrees

10 Piece Sushi Deluxe$21.00Assorted sushi and a tuna roll. Served with soup or salad.
15 Piece Sashimi Deluxe$24.00Assorted sashimi. Served with soup or salad.
Sushi for 2$45.00Sixteen piece sushi, one Jacky roll and one shrimp tempura roll. Served with soup or salad.
Sushi Lover Boat$55.00Eight piece sushi, 12 piece sashimi, one rainbow roll and one spider roll. Served with soup or salad.

Sushi and Sashimi

2 Piece Quail Egg$3.95
2 Piece Tofu Skin Sushi$3.95
2 Piece Avocado Sushi$3.95
2 Piece Shrimp$4.50Ebi.
2 Piece Crabmeat$4.50Kani.
2 Piece Surf Clam$4.50Hokkigai.
2 Piece Squid$4.50Ika.
2 Piece Tuna$5.00Maguro.
2 Piece Albacore Tuna$5.00
2 Piece Salmon$5.00Shake.
2 Piece Yellowtail$5.00Hamachi.
2 Piece Smoked Salmon$5.00
2 Piece White Tuna$5.00
2 Piece Red Snapper$5.00Tai.
2 Piece Stripe Bass$5.00
2 Piece Mackerel$5.00Saba.
2 Piece Fresh Water Eel$5.00Unagi.
2 Piece Scallop$5.00Hotategai.
2 Piece Octopus$5.00Tako.
2 Piece Flying Fish Egg$5.00Tobiko.
2 Piece Wasabi Tobiko$5.00
2 Piece Black Tobiko$5.00
2 Piece Salmon Egg$5.00Ikura.
2 Piece Seared Tuna$5.50
2 Piece Spicy Scallop$5.50
2 Piece Spicy Lobster Sushi$7.00
2 Piece Sweet Raw Shrimp$8.00Amaebi.

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