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Lumpia$4.59Ground beef and mixed vegetables wrapped and then fried.
Shrimp Patties$4.59Fried vegetable cake with smashed shrimp.
Empanadas$5.99A fried corn masa shell filled with chicken, rice and a little spice.

Islander Combos

Combo 1$8.951 scoop of chicken kelaguen with your choice of 2 pieces of meat.
Combo 2$7.95Your choice of 2 pieces of meat.
Combo 3$6.95Your choice of 1 piece of meat.
Fried Talapia (Fish)$8.25Whole fresh water fish.
Coconut Shrimp$8.956 pieces of shrimp battered with coconut and then deep-fried.
Kadon Pika Manok$7.95Chopped chicken quarter leg simmered in soy sauce, lemon juice, onions, garlic and red pepper.
Estafao Manok$6.95Chopped chicken quarter leg simmered in soy sauce, lemon juice, onions and garlic.
Beef Stir Fry$6.95Beef stir fry with green peppers, onions & celery served over a bed of rice.

More Menu Items - Bowls

Chiucken K 

More Menu Items - Drinks

Pepsi, Raspberry Iced Tea, Root Beer 
Assam Black Tea 
Cocnut Juice 
Bottled Water 

More Menu Items - Sides



Chicken Salad$5.95Lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, and chicken in our vinaigrette dressing.
Chicken Kelaguen$4.45Chopped grilled chicken, green onions, crushed red pepper and lemon juice.
Tomato and Cucumber Salad$4.45In our vinaigrette dressing.
Cabbage Salad$3.20Red and green cabbage with carrots in our vinaigrette dressing.
Macaroni Salad$3.20Elbow noodles mixed with mayonaise, sweet relish and carrots.

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