Bakery47 Restaurant Menu Island Way Grill Menu and Prices

Coffee Bar

Cafe Mocha$3.90
Cafe Buffet$6.50
Cafe Bermuda$6.50Tia maria, gosling’s black seal


Ginger Creme Brulee$5.90Candied ginger garni
Warm Espresso Chocolate Cake$5.40Citrus mascarpone cream. Served ala mode, add $2.3
Working Cow Home Made Ice Cream$4.40
Island Way Cheesecake$6.90
White Chocolate Banana Malt Mousse$4.90
Key Lime Pie$5.90Toasted macadamia nut crust
Chef’s Dessert Sampler$9.90Creme brulee, warm espresso chocolate cake, key lime pie
Drunken Ice Cream$9.50

Fire & Ice Shellfish

Shellfish Tower$36.909 Oysters, 9 shrimp and 9 clams
Shellfish Tower with Alaskan King Crab Legs$24.50
Shellfish Tower with Oysters Rockefeller$12.50
Shellfish Tower with Clams Casino$7.90
Jumbo Shrimp Cocktail (3 Shrimp)$7.50Horseradish cocktail sauce, wasabi aioli
Jumbo Shrimp Cocktail (6 Shrimp)$13.90Horseradish cocktail sauce, wasabi aioli
Clams (3 Clams)$3.30
Clams (6 Clams)$6.50
Clam Pot$12.50Dozen clams steamed in island herbs
Clams Casino$7.90
Thai High Mussels$9.90Spicy coconut milk broth, garlic, thai basil
Oysters Rockefeller$12.50Half-dozen, topped with artichokes, spinach, bacon and parmesan
Oysters$12.50Simply raw, priced per three, cocktail sauce, horseradish, sake ginger mignonette
Chef’s Featured Boutique Oysters$6.90
Blue Point$6.90One of the most well known oysters
York River$4.50

Fish & Seafood

Salmon en Papillote$16.90Jasmine rice, Asian vegetables and herbs with our signature Island Way sauce cooked in parchment paper.
Florida Keys Fire-Roasted$19.90
Lobster Tails$36.90Wasabi mashed potatoes
Szechwan Pepper-Crusted Tuna$25.90Teriyaki glazed. wasabi mashed potatoes
Jumbo Lump Crabcakes$19.90Citrus remoulade, pineapple salsa, wasabi mashed potatoes
Mixed Seafood Grill$25.90Blackened fresh catch, jumbo lump crabcake oscar and shrimp tempura. Wasabi mashed potatoes
Alaskan King Crab Legs$49.901 1/4 lb Alaskan king crab legs, wood fire-grilled. wasabi mashed potatoes
Shrimp Scampi$19.90Sauteed shrimp, garlic, white wine and butter over the finest italian linguine
Shrimp Tempura$19.90Jasmine rice, asian cocktail, soy dipping sauce
Coconut Shrimp$19.90Coconut crusted shrimp, orange ginger sauce

Just Caught

Island Way Our signature preparation wok-seared in ginger oil. Garlic, onion, pepper, tomato, thai curry sauce. Jasmine rice
Wood Fire-Grilled or Blackened Citrus butter, wasabi mashed potatoes, market vegetables
Pacific Rim Pan-seared in ginger oil, orange-ginger reduction, served over crab infused jasmine rice with cilantro oil finish
Panko-Crusted Panko crusted pan sauteed, a squeeze of fresh lime, a pinch of fresh parsley, with wasabi mashed potatoes
Pan-Roasted Stuffed Stuff your catch with shrimp, roasted red peppers, citrus hollandaise, with wasabi mashed potatoes add $4.90
Oscar Jumbo lump crab, asparagus & citrus hollandaise, with wasabi mashed potatoes add $5.90


Bone-In Pork Chop$19.90Bourbon sugar cane glazed, wood fire-grilled, BBQ caramelized onions
Volcano Island Meatloaf$12.90Tumbleweed onions, finished with soy balsamic reduction drizzle
Chicken Sand Key$14.90Thinly pounded, stuffed with fresh spinach and mozzarella, finished with lemon butter sauce

Land & Sea

Surf & Turf$39.90Florida keys fire-roasted lobster tail, filet mignon
Reef & Beef$23.90Tempura shrimp and a filet mignon k-bob
Filet Oscar$29.90Crowned with king crab meat, grilled asparagus, and topped with citrus hollandaise


Tekka Tuna$4.90
Kappa (Cucumber)$4.40
Tekkyu$5.40Tuna & cucumber
California$5.50Avocado, cucumber & kani-kama
Arizona$6.40Yellowtail, scallion & smelt roe
Unakyu$6.50Eel, cucumber & eel sauce
Clearwater$5.50Tempura grouper, onion & mayo
Mexico$6.40Tempura shrimp, mayo, avocado & smelt roe
Spicy Tuna$5.90Tuna & cucumber
Bagel$5.90Smoked salmon, cucumber & cream cheese
Soft Shell Crab$7.90Cucumber, kani-kama, smelt roe, spicy mayo
Rainbow Roll$12.90Kani-kama, cucumber, salmon, tuna, whitefish and avocado

Rice & Pasta Bowls

Pan-Seared Fresh Catch 
Pan-Sauteed Shrimp$19.90
Pan-Seared Scallops$24.90
Portobella Mushroom Cap$17.90
Wood Fire-Grilled Chicken Breast$18.90
Pan-Sauteed Seafood Combo$25.90
Wood Fire Grilled Rustic Vegetables$17.90
Rustic Vegetables, Portobella & Goat Cheese$19.90


Island Way House$3.50Mixed greens, cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, jicama, radish, carrots, roasted pumpkin seeds, asiago cheese, rice wine vinaigrette. Add maytag blue cheese $2.5
Island Way House with Entree$2.90
Wedge$5.90Iceberg lettuce, nueske bacon, red onion, maytag blue cheese dressing, tomato vinaigrette
The Island Caprese Stack$6.90Beefsteak tomatoes, mozzarella, fresh basil, with balsamic drizzle,
Kale Caesar$7.90With eggs and bacon
Arugula Salad with Roasted Beets$7.90Warm goat cheese croutons, aged balsamic vinaigrette
Butter Lettuce and Grilled Mango Salad$7.90Butter lettuce, fresh Florida mango, red onion, candied pecans, citrus vinaigrette

Shareable Sides

Truffle Mac & Cheese$5.90
Wood Fire-Grilled Brussel Sprouts with Bacon$12.90
Grilled Asparagus$5.90With orange zest and shaved asiago cheese
Tempura Vegetables$6.90Green peppercorn aioli

Small Plates

Crab Bisque$5.90
Edamame$5.90Thai sweet chili butter sauce, maldon sea salt
Seared Scallops$10.90Galangal, black vinegar. Sweet citrus sauce
Handcrafted Tostadas$7.20Pulled chicken, roasted peppers and onions, blue cheese aioli
Jalapeno Grouper Fritters$8.90Island sweet chili dipping sauce
Tuna Ceviche$7.90Ginger, soy, lime, jalapeno, cilantro and grape seed oil
Calamari$9.50Fresh fried, sweet & sour sauce, crispy vegetables & cashews
Wok Fried Soft Shell Crabs$12.90Lemongrass-red curry aioli
Coconut Shrimp$12.90Coconut encrusted shrimp, orange-ginger sauce
Asian Crab Spring Roll$12.90Asian vegetables, fresh herbs. Chinese mustard, plum sauce
Sashimi Salad$10.90Wakame, seasoned squid and sunomono salad. topped with chef’s choice of marinated sashimi and flying fish roe
Shrimp Tempura$9.90Horseradish cocktail, soy-sake dipping sauce
Beef Carpaccio$14.90Prime tenderloin, truffle oil, capers, arugula and grape tomatoes
Szechwan Seared Tuna$14.90Soy dipping sauce, wakame, soy-balsamic reduction
Jumbo Lump Crabcake$9.90Citrus remoulade
Frankie’s Tuna$14.90Tempura fried roll of tuna, kani-kama, cream cheese, vegetables
Florida Roll$12.90Spicy tuna, shrimp, kani kama, cream cheese, tempura fried, eel sauce, flying fish roe

Special House Rolls

Firecracker$13.90Baked dynamite, gobo, onion, sriracha, topped with tempura crunch, eel sauce, smelt roe, spicy mayo
Florida Roll$12.90Spicy tuna, shrimp, kani-kama, cream cheese, tempura fried. eel sauce, flying fish roe
Frankie’s Tuna$14.90Tuna, cream cheese, gobo, asparagus & kani-kama, tempura fried, topped with smelt roe, scallions, eel sauce
Tempura Eel$9.90Broiled eel, kani-kama, cream cheese, asparagus, battered & tempura fried, eel sauce
Island Way Roll$12.90Kani-kama, cream cheese, topped with avocado, baked dynamite, scallion, smelt roe & eel sauce
Philly Roll$5.90Tuna, cream cheese & smelt roe
Dragon$11.90Kani-kama, asparagus, cream cheese, topped with avocado, broiled eel, eel sauce
Tuna Sun$9.90Kani kama, cream cheese, asparagus, gobo, avocado - wrapped in tuna garnished with eel sauce, spicy mayo & wasabi tobiko
Suzy Q$7.90Kani-kama, asparagus, gobo, avocado, spicy mayo with smelt roe
Kamakazi$9.90Baked salmon, kani-kama, cream cheese, scallion, masago with spicy mayo & eel sauce
Atomic$9.90Baked white fish, cream cheese, kani-kama, scallion, smelt roe with spicy mayo & eel sauce
Today’s Special Sushi Roll 


New York (3/4 lb)$29.90
T-Bone Korean BBQ (1 1/4 lb.)$29.90
1 lb Porterhouse$24.90
11/2 lb Porterhouse$32.90
2 lb Porterhouse$39.90
Rib Eye Bone-In (1 1/4 lb.)$37.90
Top Sirloin (1/2 lb.)$15.90
Top Sirloin (3/4 lb.)$16.90
Filet Mignon Bone-In (1 lb.)$44.90
Filet Mignon (1/3 lb.)$23.90
Filet Mignon (1/2 lb.)$29.90
Filet Mignon (3/4 lb.)$35.90

Supper Club Menu

Our Signature Preparation Island Way Salmon$14.90Wok seared in ginger oil. garlic, onion, pepper, tomato, thai curry sauce. Island rice
Salmon Rosette$14.90Fresh salmon stuffed with our blue crab stuffing, oven baked and served with a crab veloute, wasabi mashed potatoes
Wok Stir-Fry$14.90Choice of beef or shrimp. With asian vegetables over jasmine rice
Filet Mignon K-Bob$14.90Wood fire grilled with peppers & onions on a bed of island rice
Shrimp Tempura$14.90Cocktail sauce, wasabi mashed potatoes
Chicken Rockefeller$14.90Stuffed with spinach, applewood-smoked bacon, cheddar-jack cheese, topped with citrus hollandaise sauce, wasabi mashed potatoes
Shrimp Scampi Linguine$14.90Shrimp, garlic, white wine, butter over linguine
Jumbo Lump Crab Cake$14.90Citrus remoulade, wasabi mashed potatoes
Seafood Imperial$14.90Fresh catch and shrimp in a crab cream sauce, oven baked, wasabi mashed potatoes
Thai High Mussels$14.90In a spicy coconut milk broth over linguine with garlic and thai basil
Seafood Alfredo$14.90Key west pink shrimp, fresh catch, lump crab tossed with button mushrooms and linguine, in parmesan cream sauce
Sweet and Sour Stir Fried Pork or Shrimp$14.90With pineapple, onions, mixed bell peppers over jasmine rice
Volcano Island Meatloaf$14.90Soy balsamic reduction drizzled, tumbleweed onions, wasabi mashed potatoes
Onion Crusted Salmon$14.90Toasted onions, white wine, key lime juice and whole butter. wasabi mashed potatoes
Filet Mignon Medallions$14.90Rich marsala and mushroom sauce over wasabi mashed, market vegetables. Add shrimp scampi $3.00
Just Caught Catch$14.90Chef’s prepared selection from our own fleet of dayboats

Sushi Bar

Tuna$6.90 - $5.90
Yellowtail (Hamachi)$6.80 - $5.80
Salmon (Sake)$4.90 - $4.70
Shrimp (Ebi)$5.40 - $4.90
Kani-Kama$5.60 - $4.40
Octopus (Tako)$5.90 - $5.40
Eel (Unagi)$5.90 - $5.60
Smoked Salmon$5.80 - $4.90
Conch$5.90 - $4.90
Smelt Roe (Masago)$5.40 - $4.90
Rainbow Tobiko (Flying Fish Roe)$5.80 - $4.90
Salmon Roe (Ikura)$5.90 - $4.90
Sea Urchin (Uni)$6.90 - $5.90
White Tuna (Escolar)$6.90 - $5.90
Miso Soup$3.90
Quail Eggs$3.90 - $2.50
Sushi Appetizer$11.905 Pcs nigiri, chef’s choice
Sashimi Appetizer$14.903 Kinds of fish, 9 pieces, chef’s choice
Sushi Jo$21.9010 Pieces chef’s choice nigiri & tuna roll
Sashimi Jo$32.0018 Pieces, chef’s choice
Seasoned Squid Salad$4.90
Seaweed Salad (Wakame)$5.90
Sashimi Salad$10.90Wakame, cucumber sunumono, seasoned squid, chef’s sashimi, flying fish roe

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