Bakery47 Restaurant Menu Island Soul Caribbean Cuisine Menu and Prices

Happy Hours Main Menu

Chicken & Buttermilk Waffles 
Classic 1/2lb Cheeseburger & Fries 
BBB Burger & Fries 
Manila Clams 
Island Curry Mussels 
BBQ Rib Tips 
Fish Tacos 
Habanero Wings 
Jerk Chicken Wings 
Sauteed Habanero Prawns 
Seafood Fritters 
Sweet Calypso Wings 
Basmati Rice 
Collard Greens 
Cuban Black Beans 
Festivals (Jamaica Hushpuppies) 
Fries Add cheese or garlic
Mac & Cheese 
Mashed Yams 
Mini Organic Salad 
Rice & Peas (Red Beans) 
Soul Slaw (Gluten free) 

Regular Menu

Sweet Plantains Sliced ripe plantains, fried simply and drizzled with a sweet mango sauce
Tostones Fried green plantains, roasted red onions, garlic & tomatoes
BBQ or Jerk Pork? rib tips sweet or spicy, loved with our secret wet rub then slow smoked
Calypso or Habanero Wings Calypso - sweet wings & habanero - spicy wings
Jerk Wings Mild spicy wings
Jamaican Patties Two baked cocktail size turn-overs filled with fiery spices. Choose chicken, beef or one of each.
Seafood Fritters Light airy batter patties filled with tilapia & prawns
Festival Jamaican hushpuppies
Habanero Prawns Fiery​ peeled jumbo prawns sauteed
Little Islands Fried corn masa, green onions, vegan cuban black beans, feta, tomatoes & avocados
Island Soul Taco's Chicken or fish or spicy shrimp
Caribbean Jerk Allspice habanero rub
Island Soul BBQ Our sauce is a molasses base, sweet with pineapples and spices. Meats are marinated in jerk rub and slow smoked - Choice of chicken bone-in or pork spare ribs
Island Soul Curry Onions, spices, garlic, peppers & lima beans - Choice of chicken boneless & skinless or goat free range; small sharp bones
Island Soul's Famous Oxtail Stew Onions, spices, garlic, peppers & lima beans
Bayou Gumbo Prawns, crab, beef hotlink & chicken
Southern Fried Half Hens Seasoned to perfection, rolled in flour and fried well! Allow extra time fresh cooked to order
Whole Fried Tilapia With Escovitch sauce
Southern Fried Catfish Seasoned and rolled in our own corn meal & flour mixture. Please allow extra time fresh cooked to order
Vatapa Garlic, coconut milk & sweet chili sauce.- choice of tofu or tilapia & prawns

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