Bakery47 Restaurant Menu Donn's Texas BBQ Menu and Prices

BBQ Plates

Brisket$7.55 - $10.25
Turkey$6.95 - $8.35
Sausage$6.95 - $8.25
Chicken$6.95 - $8.25
Ham$6.95 - $8.05
Pork Ribs$10.45
Beef Ribs$13.00
Fried Catfish$8.99
2 Meat Combo$10.95Choice of any two meats plus two side dishes
3 Meat Combo$12.85Choice of any three meats plus two side dishes
Brisket Taco Plate$8.65Two Tacos, two side dishes, pico de gallo and a small drink
Child's Plate$5.50

BBQ Sandwiches

Brisket Sandwich$5.75Moist, tender, and mouthwatering brisket stacked high with our house made bbq sauce
Chopped Pork, Beef or Chicken$4.15
2 Meat Combo$5.95Your choice of any two meats on a warm bun smothered in our house made sauce
Sausage Wrap$2.75


Banana Pudding$1.29 - $3.70
Oreo Chocolate Pudding$1.29 - $3.70
Peach Cobbler$1.85 - $5.75
Cherry Cobbler$1.85 - $5.75
Pecan Pie$2.25

Family Packs – BBQ

The Number One$19.25Feeds 2-3: Your choice of one (1) pound of meat and two (2) pint size side orders
The Number Two$37.00Feeds 4-6: Your choice of two (2) pounds of meat and four (4) pint size side orders
The Number Three$27.75Feeds 3-4: Your choice of one and a half (1.5) pounds of meat and three (3) pint size side orders
The Number Four$49.95Feeds 6-9: Your choice of three (3) pounds of meat and three (3) quart size side orders

Meat by the Pound

Chicken$9.75 - $5.95
Pork Ribs$10.55
Beef Ribs$7.25
Chopped: Pork, Beef, or Chicken$8.65

Side Dishes

Potato Salad$1.85 - $4.25
Cole Slaw$1.70 - $3.75
Pinto Beans$1.70 - $3.75
Baked Beans$1.70 - $3.75
Borracho Beans$1.70 - $3.75
Green Beans$1.70 - $3.75
Mashed Potatoes$1.70 - $3.75
Corn$1.70 - $3.75
Squash$1.70 - $3.75
Macaroni & Cheese$1.70 - $3.75
French Fries$1.79
Fried Okra$1.79

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