Bakery47 Restaurant Menu Donn Pomodoro Menu and Prices

A la Carte - Salads

Salad Donn Pomodoro$7.00Tri-color salad with gorgonzola cheese, walnuts & balsamic vinegarette
Seafood Salad$10.00Shrimp, calamari, scungilli with diced celery, tomato, onion, lemon garlic & oil
Caesar Salad$7.00Romaine lettuce with caesar dressing, croutons, parmigiano cheese & anchovies
Arugula, Endive, Ridicchio & Bermuda Onion$7.00With a balsamic vinegarette
Meatballs or Sausage$5.00

A la Carte - Sandwiches

Chicken Parmigiano$8.00
Veal Parmigiano$9.00
Sausage, Peppers & Onions$7.00
Sausage Parmigiano$7.00
Meatball Parmigiano$6.00
Eggplant Parmigiano$6.00
Fresh Mozzarella Sandwich$8.00With eggplant, roasted peppers & a balsamic vinegarette
Chicken Milanese Over Salad$8.00
Philadelphia Cheese Steak Sandwich$9.00
Open Sliced Filet Mignon Sandwich$10.00With french fries
Hamburger Deluxe$7.00With lettuce, tomato & french fries
Cheeseburger Deluxe$8.00With lettuce, tomato & french fries
Sliced Chicken Wrap$8.00With peppers, mushrooms & Onions
Steak Wrap$9.00With peppers, mushrooms & onions
Grilled Chicken$8.00With bacon, lettuce & tomato

Ala Carte Menu - Appetizers

Clams Oreganata$7.00
Long Island Clams$7.001/2 Dozen on the half shell
Zuppe di Clams$9.00Red or white sauce
Zuppe di Mussels$7.00Red or white sauce
Clams in Green Sauce$9.00
Jumbo Shrimp Cocktail$9.00
Shrimp Oreganata$9.00
Shrimp Ajillo with Garlic Sauce$10.00
Fresh Mozzarella, Basil & tomatoes$5.00
Smoked Salmon$8.00With fresh mozzarella & onion
Bruschetta$4.00Diced tomato with garlic, basil & onion
Gorgonzola Bread$4.00With melted gorgonzola
Fried Calamari$8.00With ginger or marinara sauce
Pasta Fagiole or Tortellini Soup$5.00
Eggplant Rollatini$6.00
French Fries$4.00


Smoked Salmon$9.00With fresh mozzarella and bits of raw onion
Fresh Long Lsland Clams$8.00½ Dozen on the half shel
Eggplant Rollatini$8.00Stuffed with ricotta
Long Island Clams Oreganata$10.00With seasoned bread crumbs, garlic & oil
Shrimp & Clams Oreganata$12.00With seasoned bread crumbs, garlic & oil
Zuppe di Mussels$9.00Sauteed with garlic in a white wine or red sauce
Zuppe di Clams$10.00Sauteed with garlic in a white wine or red sauce
Kiwi Mussels Luciano$10.00Sauteed with leeks in a white wine sauce
Fried Calamari$10.00With a marinara or ginger sauce
Scungilli & Shrimp Fra Diavolo$12.00In a spicy marinara sauce
Hot Antipaste$12.00Shrimp, stuffed peppers, stuffed mushrooms, clams oreganata & stuffed eggplant with ricotta
Fresh Mozzarella$7.00With tomatoes & basil
Roasted Peppers$9.00With fresh mozzarella & anchovies
Shrimp Ajillo$12.00In a medium hot garlic sauce
Jumbo Shrimp Cocktail$10.00
Gorgonzola Bread$5.00Seasoned with herbs in cream sauce
Bruschetta$6.00Diced tomato & onion with fresh basil, garlic & oil
Mozzarella Fantasia$12.00Fresh mozzarella, proscuitto, roasted peppers, tomato, anchovies & black olives with a balsamic vinegarette


Grilled Veal Chop Arrabiata$31.95With mushrooms, hot & Sweet cherry peppers, garlic & oil or served plain
Veal Chop Valdostana$32.95Stuffed with spinach, roasted pepper, mozzarella & mushrooms w/a marsala sauce
N.Y. Steak & Grilled Shrimp$27.95Over sauteed spinach in garlic & oil
N.Y. Strip Steak$25.95with sauteed mushrooms & onions
Steak Donn (16 oz.)$27.95Encrusted with black peppercorns and sauteed in a mustard cream sauce with a hint of Jack daniels
Filet Mignon (8 oz.)$27.95Broiled plain or with a brandy mushroom sauce
Veal Campagnola$22.00With sauteed artichoke hearts, sundred tomato & white wine in a tomato sauce
Veal Francese$19.00Lightly battered & sauteed in a butter, lemon & wine sauce
Veal Marsala$19.00Sauteed with mushrooms in a Marsala wine
Veal Milanese$19.00Over tri Color salad with balsamic vinaigrette
Veal in Almond Sauce$20.00Sauce toasted almonds, shallots in a white wine
Pork Chops Madiera$20.00Asparagus, mushrooms & mozzarella with madiera sauce
Pork Chops Silvera$20.00With sausage, mushrooms, potato & peppers in garlic & oil


Salad Donn Pomodoro$8.00Arugula, radicchio & endive with gorgonzola cheese & walnuts in a balsamic vinegarette
Tricolor Salad$7.00Arugula, radicchio & endive with a balsamic vinegarette
House Salad$5.00Mixed greens, tomatoes, Bermuda onions, carrots & black olives
Caesar Salad$8.00Romaine lettuce with Caesar, dressing croutons & parmigiano cheese
Seafood Salad$12.00Shrimp, calamari & scungilli in olive oil with diced celery, tomato, lemon, garlic & oil
Mediterranean Salad$12.00Chilled shrimp, crumpled Gorgonzola, tomatoes, fresh basil, toasted almonds, & mandarin oranges over crisp romaine with raspberry vinaigrette


Penne Vodka Marinara$14.95Sauce with vodka, a touch of cream diced plum tomato & shitaki mushrooms
Fettucini Alfredo$14.95In a butter cream sauce with broccoli
Fusilli Arrabiata$16.00With hot sausage & melted mozzarella in a spicy marinara sauce
Penne with Salmon & Leek$16.95In a Pink Cream Sauce
Linguini Clam Sauce$15.95With white wine or red sauce
Linguini with Broccoli in Garlic & Oil$13.95
Linguini ala Puttanesca$14.95Capers, onions, black olives a hint of anchovies in a plum tomato sauce
Capellini with Shrimp & Asparagus Tips & Onions$19.00In a lite tomato sauce
Rigatoni Bolognese with Meat Sauce$13.95
Capellini with Eggplant$13.95Crushed tomatoes, roasted garlic & fresh basil


Grilled Salmon$22.95With leeks in an honey mustard sauce
Zuppa di Pesce$25.95Shrimp, scallops, mussels, clams & salmon in a light marinara sause or in a white wine sauce over linguini
Shrimp$19.00Served in a scampi sauce, francese, fra diavolo or parmigiano
Clams & Chorizo$22.00With peppers & onions in a spicy red sauce
Filet of Sole Oreganata$18.00Topped with herbs, spices & breadcrumbs then broiled in a white wine sauce
Tilapia Encrusted with Walnuts$22.00Broiled and served over sauteed spinach
Basa Filet with Mango & Pineapple$24.00Broiled and served in a white wine sauce
Shrimp Ajillo$20.00Medium hot garlic sauce served with rice
Twin Brazilian Lobster Tail$32.00Broiled, scampi or ajillo medium hot garlic sauce
Mariscada Ajillo$25.00Shrimp, clams, scallops & mussels in a medium hot garlic sauce
Paella Marinara$25.00Shrimp, clams mussels served with saffron rice
Paella Valencia$25.00Shrimp, clams, scallops, mussels, chicken & chorizo served with saffron rice
Surf & Turf 8oz Filet Mignon & 6 oz. Brazilian Lobster Tail$34.95With salad, vegetables & potatoes

Pesce- Children's Menu

Chicken Parmigiano$10.00
Linguini with Meatballs$9.00
Penne with Butter Sauce$7.00
Chicken Fingers & French Fries$9.00


Grilled Chicken Boneless Breast$14.00With eggplant, diced tomato & broccoli. Low carbohydrates.
Chicken Francese$17.00Lightly battered & sauteed with butter, lemon & white wine
Chicken Arrabiata$17.00Sauteed with mushrooms, peppers, herbs, garlic & oil with a hint of hot cherry peppers
Chicken Pomodoro$16.00Fresh tomato diced with fresh basil & white wine in red sauce
Chicken Campagnola$17.00Sauteed with artichoke hearts & sundried tomatoes With white wine & a touch of tomato
Chicken Marsala$17.00Sauteed with mushrooms in Marsala wine sauce
Chicken Picata$16.00With capers, garlic a hint of anchovies & white wine
Chicken Sorrentino$18.00With eggplant, proscuitto, fresh mozzarella with sherry wine sauce
Chicken & Shrimp Scampi$18.95Sauteed in a garlic sauce over rice
Peppercorn Encrusted Chicken$17.00With a jack daniels sauce
Chicken Silvera$18.00Sautreed w/ mushrooms, peppers, sausage & potatoes in garlic & oil
Chicken Ajillo$16.00Medium hot garlic sauce over rice

Special - Monday & Tuesday Nite

Monday & Tuesday Nite All Eat Prime Rib Buffet$19.95Also chicken, fish, pasta, vegetable, potato & salad served from 5:00 til 9:00

Specials - Sunday

Sunday Champagne Buffet Brunch$19.95Complimentary glass of champagne, Bloody mary or mimosa served from 11:30 til 3:00

Specials - Tuse. Wed. & Fri

Tues. Wed. & fri.- All You Can Eat Express Buffet Lunch$9.95

Specials - Wednesday

Wednesday Lobster Nite$19.951 & 1/4 lb. Lobster served with salad, vegetable & potato
Wednesday Nite$19.95Wednesday nite d.j. domino playing doo-wop oldies

Vegetables & Side Orders

Sauteed Escarole In Garlic & Oil$5.00
Broccoli Steamed or in Garlic & Oil$5.00
Spinach Steamed or in Garlic & Oil$5.00
Sauteed Broccoli Rabe (in Season)$8.00
Asparagus Steamed or in Garlic & Oil$7.00
Garlic Bread$3.00
Sauteed Mushrooms$4.00½ Orders of pasta priced accordingly

Vegetables & Side Orders-Zuppe Soup

Pasta Fagioli Made Fresh Daily$5.00
Tortellini in Brodo$5.00
Escarole & Beans$5.00
Black Bean with Diced Onion$5.00

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