Bakery47 Restaurant Menu D & S Deli Menu and Prices

Mini Platter

4 Chicken Wings$5.25
Silver Trout Fish Hoagie$5.80
Cheese Burger$3.70
Chicken Breast$4.60
Cheese Steak$5.99
Chicken Cheese Steak$5.99
Double Cheese Burger Hoagie$5.99
Flounder Sandwich$4.75
1 Pc Silver Trout$6.453 chicken wings, 5 onion rings.
Silver Trout Sandwich$3.99
4 Chicken Tenders$5.25
10 Pcs Buffalo Wings$7.99
Turkey Cheese Burger$3.99
Flounder Hoagie$5.99
1 Pc Flounder, 3 Pcs Wings$6.70


3 Pc. Chicken Wings$2.80
3 Pc. Jumbo Chicken Wings$3.25
Chicken Breast Sandwich$3.00
Chicken Gizzard$1.64 - $3.04
Chicken Bite$2.25 - $4.00
Silver Trout Sandwich$2.99 - $4.99
Jumbo Silver Trout Sandwich$3.99
5 Pc. Silver Trout$3.50
Flounder Sandwich$3.50
Jumbo Flounder$4.25
Lg Shrimp$4.25 - $12.99
Jumbo Shrimp$7.99 - $14.99
Shrimp Sticks$3.75(6 for)
Chicken Tender Sandwich$3.50(3 for)
Scallops$1.99 - $6.25
Crab Sticks$2.25 - $6.99
Fish Cake$1.99(2 for)
Cheese Sticks$2.50(4 for)
Beef Patty$1.99
Fish Sticks$1.99(5 for)
Shrimp Basket$5.50with french fries.
Clam Strips$3.25with french fries.
Pizza Roll, Shrimp Roll$1.60each
Potato Wedge$1.60 - $2.50
Chicken Rings$2.50
Chicken Nuggets$3.25
Onion Rings$1.75
French Fries$1.50 - $2.00
Cheese Fries$2.00 - $2.78

Special Combination

6 Wings$7.10
3 Wings, 1/2 Lb. Chicken Gizzard$5.95
3 Wings, 3 Silver Trouts, 2 Lg Shrimps$6.40
6 Large Shrimp$7.50served with 5 onion rings.
3 Wings, 1 Flounder, 2 Scallops, 2 Crab Sticks$9.30
3 Wings, 5 Silver Trouts$6.65
1 Flounder$10.993 sliver trouts, 3 Lg shrimps, 3 scallops 5 onion rings.
3 Lg. Shrimps$8.903 shrimp sticks, 3 scallops, 2 crab sticks, 5 onion rings.
3 Wings$7.993 silver trouts, 2 scallops, 2 crab sticks, 5 onion rings.

Steaks And Burgers

Plain Steak$4.25
Cheese Steak$4.75
Cheese Steak Hoagie$5.25
Chicken Cheese Steak$4.75
Mushroom Cheese Steak$5.25
Pizza Cheese Steak$5.25
BBQ Cheese Steak$5.25
Jumbo Cheese Steak$8.25
Plain Burger$1.99
Cheese Burger$2.25
Cheese Burger Deluxe$2.90
Double Cheese Burger$3.40
Double Cheese Burger Deluxe$3.90
Bacon Cheese Burger$3.40
Double Bacon Cheese Burger$4.40
Double Cheese Burger Hoagie$4.75
Double Turkey Cheese Burger$3.99
Turkey Cheese Burger$2.75
Beef Hot Sausage On Hoagie Roll$3.00

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