Bakery47 Restaurant Menu D & L Taco Gringo Menu and Prices


Diet Pepsi$1.60
Sierra Mist$1.60
Mountain Dew$1.60


Churros$1.95Deep fried pastry, rolled in cinnamon and sugar with a side of frosting for dipping
Fried Ice Cream$2.25
Side of Chips$1.50
Side of Rice$1.50
Side of Hot Sauce$0.25
Sour Cream$0.50
Extra Sw$0.50

Drink Menu


Kid's Menu

Chicken Nuggets and Fries$4.75
Taco and Fries$3.50
Corndog and Fries$3.50
8" Cheese Quesadilla$4.50

Main Menu

Chicken Tostada$7.00Two corn tostadas with south western sauce, chicken, cheese and black bean and corn salsa, topped with lettuce
Fajita Burrito$6.95Chicken or steak, with grilled onion, green and red pepper added
Fish Platter$7.002 Cod, with chips, rice and your choice of salsa

Our Burritos

Our Burritos$6.75
Meat Choice Beef, shredded or ground, chicken, steak, breaded fish, or crispy chicken
Salsa Choice Our salsa is made fresh daily. Choices include: salsa: tomatoes, onion, cilantro, and lime juice. Salsa with heat: tomatoes, onions jalapeno peppers, cilantro, lime juice. Black bean and corn: black
Hard or Soft Shell Taco$2.25Comes with ground beef or chicken and salsa with cheese, south west sauce and lettuce, jumbo size
Taco Combo$5.75Comes with 2 tacos, rice, chips and southwest sauce
Chimichanga$7.252 Fried tortillas with rice and beans, your choice of meat beef, chicken or steak, choice of salsa on the side. There is cheese and sw sauce on top the chimichanga's are fried
Nachos$6.95Chips, ground beef, salsa, cheese and black olives
Chips and Salsa$4.50
Taco Salad$7.00 - $5.50Tortilla bowl, lettuce, black olives, cheese, ground beef, chicken or crispy chicken and choice of salsa and comes with a side of sw dressing
Cucumber Tostada$7.00Two Corn tostadas with south western sauce, shrimp, cucumbers, tomatoes, onions, cilantro and lime juice
Rice Bowl$5.50Put in an edible 8" bowl, rice, your choice of meat, southwest, cheese and your choice of salsa. Shredded beef is $6.00 for a rice bowl
Chalupas$2.75Fried pita bread, with ground beef or chicken, cheese, southwest sauce, your choice or salsa and lettuce
Chalupa Combo$6.952 Chalupas with rice and chips and a side of southwest
Quesadillas$7.2510 inch chicken and cheese with a side of salsa, sour cream and lettuce. 10 inch cheese only is $5.50
Mexican Pizza$5.00Made with pita crust, sw, ground beef or chicken, black olives or green peppers, your choice of salsa and cheese
Southwest By the Bottle$6.50We now sell our home made southwest sauce in 16 ounce bottles

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